Our Company

Welcome to Action Specialty Packaging, a family-operated manufacturing company. With decades of experience and a commitment to customer service, our skilled team collaborates with you to fulfill your packaging needs throughout Florida. We will also provide quotes for states in the southern US when adequate quantities are requested.

Corrugated Products

Custom Boxes (up to two colors printed), Die Cut, Displays, RSC, FOL, PTD or FTD, HSC & Trays, 5PF, OPF, Pads, and Partitions.

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Foam Pads & Inserts

The shock-absorbing properties of various foams are ideal for pads, end caps, or custom inserts to safeguard delicate items during shipping or transport. They are available in polyethylene, polyurethane, and polystyrene.

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Converted Paper

Rolls of various weight, width, and length available in Kraft, Perforated Kraft, Tissue, Wax, Plotter, and Butcher Paper.

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Single Face Corrugated Rolls

Single face corrugated rolls are a versatile product with uses ranging from wrapping glassware or furniture to protecting your floors during a renovation.

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Other Packaging Supplies

Various other packaging supplies are available including Bubble Mailers, Bubble Wrap, EPS & Bio Loosefill, Edgeboards, and Foam Rolls.

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